Royal Rajputana An Indian Restaurant

Vishwantika, who is the Owner and Head Chef – who has been a Connoisseur of great Royal Indian food and cuisine – brings her Royal dishes to the community in Brisbane.

It is her passion to provide a unique ambiance and taste’s at Royal Rajputana, that will bring you back for more.

The Food Journey started through our childhood by getting to know the family recipe’s so well preserved and enacted by our Grand Parents plus our family chefs through two generations. We were lucky enough to get a taste of true Blue Blood Rajasthani Royal food – it is mix of authentic curries and game based BBQ food. The recipes have been perfected through the last 80 years and have unique flavours not ordinarily found in the typical Indian Restaurants.

Our food stands out in its flavour and also having a smoky BBQ tinge to it. As most of it is grilled in specially imported Tandoor – it is healthy and attains its mouth watering taste. We take pride in providing the freshest and high quality food to our patrons – for all occassions.

Please come and join us in the festivities of taste, colour and a smorgasbord of flavours.